• Birthday party shoot, Fall 2012

    I finally had a chance to check out the pictures. They are awesome, thanks so much!

  • Family shoot, Fall 2012

    They are absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much! -Maria

  • Wedding props!

    "A huge thanks to you for the spectacular photography at our wedding! We were blown away by how many beautiful shots you took. Truly amazing! Thanks!" -Liz + Mark
    August 2010

  • Thanks 826!

    I shot photos of a benefit dinner at Zingerman's for 826Michigan a few weeks ago. They gave me a shout-out on their homepage and included some of the photos I took. The writer and founder of 826, Dave Eggers was there, and he read from his book Zeitoun. Two high school students also read pieces they'd written about overcoming challenges; it was a great night and helped 826 raise a lot of money for their writing and tutoring programs!

    www.826michigan.org/article/956/the-sto… link to the shout-out

    www.826national.org link to all of 826's amazing programs and centers around the U.S.

  • March 2nd, 2010

    In a thank-you e-mail from a friend whose portraits I took: "You are an ARTIST - the photos are amazing! Who knew I was a MODEL!? Thank you SO very much. I feel like they are all so me...and yet I also feel really pretty. I keep looking at the shots and somehow they are all so natural. Wow. Seriously, thank you sooo much. I owe you so much more for this little bit of self confidence you just gave me!"

  • Published!

    Exciting news! A photo of my dad I submitted to online photography showcase Pictory was chosen! Scroll towards the bottom - it's the b&w of a guy in front of an airplane. Wicked excited.

  • "Kate is a pleasure to work with as a photographer. Her work captured the essential and extraordinary images of the Ross Leadership Initiative’s Foundation Session. Her photos, whether taken in an auditorium or in an urban garden in Detroit, uniquely detailed the lives of incoming MBAs to the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan."
    -Nikki S., University of Michigan's Ross School of Business

  • "Our engagement photo session with Kate was amazing! She had fantastic ideas and was excited to explore ours as well. The whole process was very relaxed and fun- I never felt like I was being forced to pose or hold a smile, in fact the time flew by. I couldn't be happier with the photos, the compositions are so interesting and fresh. Thanks Kate!"
    -Heidi H. San Francisco

  • "Kate took our engagement pictures and the entire experience was absolutely wonderful. Kate made us feel very comfortable during the photo shoot, allowing us to move naturally and not feel over-posed. Because of this, my fiance and I felt relaxed and our pictures were a true reflection of our personalities and our love for each other. Kate is so creative and has such a keen eye for background settings and camera angles that we would have never thought of. She is truly talented! After the shoot, Kate immediately sent us a few "favorite shots" from our engagement session while she edited the rest. It was so fun to get to see a few pictures right away. Very soon after, we got the rest of our pictures and were completely amazed at how well they turned out. Kate's pictures were vibrant with color and each one told a love story. We used one of our favorite pictures for our save-the-dates and received dozens of compliments on the photograph. Kate captured a very important moment in time for us and completely exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Kate to anybody looking for a photographer for any event."
    -Christina K. San Francisco

  • "One of the best things about working with Kate is how easy it is to collaborate with her. She has a great eye for shots that she articulates well and makes directions clear to her audience/subjects. My wife and I were never confused about what she expected from us and how she thought we could make the shot better. Not only that, but she was also very open to ideas that we had even if they didn't pan out as well as initially thought. It was a great feeling to know that you were working with her rather than just following orders, like with other photographers. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her or use her again for any of my photography needs."
    -Jason B. San Francisco